"What is your opinion of the District's residents?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Joel Richardson went to the Mall to ask farmers if they though the city folk have been good hosts .; Howard Sprowl, Colon, Mich.: "Some of the bureaucrats don't like to rub elbows with us blue shirts, but I think for the most part the people have been wonderful. And our stay has been good -- you can't beat the cafeteria in the Longworth Building."; Clark Ingram, Canton, Kan.: "I've talked to quite a number of them on the street and some people even invited us out to dinner. Outside of a few of the boys who got out of place, the police have been nice, too."; Mike Paschel, Hereford, Tex.: "They are good folks, like back home. One big surprise was how much they know about our problems, or if they didn't know, how open minded they are about them."; Jim Schultz, Benton Harbor, Mich.: "They've been fair to middlin' for city folks. Some people have been kind of stupid, but all in all I have no problems with them."; Ed Hall, Mutual, Okla.: "All in all this is one of the friendliest cities, and the people of Washington, D.C., are more a ware and possibly more intellignet than most. Only one person cursed at us, and I said to him, 'Don't eat tomorrow.' "; Walter Adams, Sharon, Okla.: "The people are friendly, especially the black people. They will come up to us and say, 'I hope you get what you want.' "; Ralph Delay, Bloomfield, Mo.:" They are nice people, nicer then they are back home. We like 'em so much we're planning on staying."