"What is your opinion of the farmers who have been protesting in the District?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Lafayette Square to ask city dwellers their views.; Aurelia Colbert, Alabama Avenue and G Street SE: "I think they're beautiful people. They're the backbone of the nation. I'd tie up traffic too if I didn't have enough to eat."; Shirley Lane, Connecticut and Cathedral avenues NW: "I'm ambivalent. I feel they have a just cause, but there's a point at which their efforts become destructive. When they start costing the city money their efforts are counter-productive and they've reached that point."; Hildegard Kress, 77, 16th and P streets NW; "I like the farmers very much. I spoke with them at my church, and they were so kind to me. They have hard work to do."; Joyce Sutton, 42, 2nd Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE: "I can understand farmers wanting to make more money since, from what they are saying, the cost of everything is going up, but it's kind of aggravating because city residents are going to pay in taxes for farmers being here."; Clifton Gaither, 19, Southern Avenue and Benning Road SE:

"They did us a good deed by helping us out of the snow. They haven't bothered me other than an inconvenience in going to and from work because of the traffic jams. Other than that they are welcome to stay here."; Priscilla A. Lee, 27, District Priscilla A. Lee, 27, District Heights, Md.: "I have sympathy with anyone who needs money, and they're not stealing or killing to get it. I'm from the country and when I was coming up farmers around me had it tough with prices going up. But I don't think they should tie up traffic during rush hour."; Cosby Zellers, 52, Alexandria, Va.: "I have sympathy with the farmers because I used to live on a farm before I came to the city. I've talked with some of them and I know they're not getting the right price for their products."