Girls' softball, as played in the Fairfax County schools, was saved from the boys last night on a 9-to-1 vote of the County School Board.

Since the board decided last week that Sandra Doty, a 15-year-old McLean High School senior, could try out for the boys' baseball team, boys have been expressing interest in the slower game played with the larger, softer ball that hitherto had been reserved for girls.

A report by School Superintendent S. John Davis, which was read at the meeting, recommended that boys be banned from girls' softball. It said athletic directors has said that in some cases 30 and perhaps 50 boys might try out for a softball team.

The feeling was, Davis's report said, that the girls' teams would be swamped by the boys, and the girls eventually would be pushed off the teams.

A lawyer told the board he could find no cases comparable to the one under discussion but said he thought "most courts would adopt a separate-but-equal" approach, allowing separate teams for boys and girls.

The dissenting vote was cast by board member Robert E. Smith of the Annandale district.

In other action, the board voted unanimously to schedule snow make-up days during the spring vacation, Memorial Day and at the end of the school year.

The dates are April 9, 10 and 11, May 28 (Memorial Day) and June 13, 14 and 15. County schools lost eight days of instruction during recent snowstorms. The current school calendar schedules 181 teaching days, of which 180 are required by the state, leaving seven days to be made up.