Prince George's County police arrested 12 persons Thursday night and charged all of them with possession and distribution of drugs during a crackdown on drug peddling at the Capital Centre in Landover, police reported yesterday.

Police said the 12 persons arrested, all of them males, were taken into custody during Thursday's concert by Eddie Money and the rock group Santana.

A strike force of 35 undercover officers made the arrests after several of the undercover men allegedly bought drugs from those arrested.

The arrests marked the second time in less than a year that undercover police have cracked down on alleged Capital Centre drug dealing. According to police, more arrests, based on information gained Thursday, are expected soon.

Police said they recovered an assortment of drugs including LSD, PCP, hashish and marijuana. They estimated the street value at $1,631.

They said they also seized $926.84 in cash from these arrested.

All those arrested were charged with possession and possession with intent to distribute either LSD, or PCP. Several were also charged with possession of marijuana, hashish and Valium.

The eight adults, who ranged in age from 18 to 28, four from Maryland, three from Washington and one from Virginia, were held overnight in the county detention center in lieu of bonds ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Three of the four juveniles were released to the custody of their parents. One was sent to Boys Village in Cheltenham.

"This is just one step in a larger program," said Police Chief John W. Rhoads. "We would like to crack down on drug distribution all over the county. One of our biggest problems is the rock concerts at Capital Centre.

"As a result we have concentrated much of our effort there and will continue to do so in the future."