A Capitol Heights woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail yesterday on a charge of assaulting a Prince George's County schoolteacher in front of a third grade class.

Sonja W. Evans was found guilty of assault and battery and disorderly conduct in a public institution by District Court Judge James M. Rea after witnesses testified that Evans shoved her daughters' teacher at James Randall Elementary School in Clinton and disrupted class for more than a half hour.

The incident last January 19 came one day after the teacher, Cheryl Starr, temporarily confiscated a house key from Evans' nine-year-old daughter after the girl began swinging a chain to which the key was attached, state's attorney's office spokesman Ron Cooper said.

Starr returned the key and chain to the girl at the end of the day, Cooper said. However, Evans arrived at the school next morning, walked into her daughter's class, and began shoving Starr, waving the chaip in her face, and screaming obscenities at her, Cooper said.

After the school's principal and security guards were unable to quiet Evans or persuade her to leave, Cooper said, Prince George's County police were called and Evans was arrested.

Cooper said that neither Evans or Starr were injured in the incident.