The National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students has announced the names of D.C. high school seniors who are winners of its 15th annual scholarship competition.

Some of the students won one-time National Achievement $1,000 scholarships, and others won Corporate-Sponsored Four-Year Achievement scholarships. They will receive an average of $1,550 per year for their college undergraduate study.

Other students were designated honorary winners in recognition of their outstanding performance in the competition.

The winners are Jacqueline A. Berrien, 626 Geranium St. NW, of Connelly School of the Holy Child in Potomac; Esther D. Brimmer, 4910 32nd St. NW, of National Cathedral School; Valerie C. Cooper, 4461 South Dakota Ave. NE, of McKinley High School; Audrey C. Hipkins, 5504 Nebraska Ave. NW, of Wilson High School; Terence A. Johns, 2416 17th Pl. SE, of Gonzaga College High School; Derek A. Jones, 1426 Lee Gate Rd. NW, of Sidwell Friends School; Rosalyn E. Jones, 1921 Tulip St. NW, of Stone Ridge High School in Bethesda; Ramona A. Mason, 1324 Alliston St. NE, of Sidwell Friends School; Gregory A. Morris, 1448 Leegate Rd. NW, of St. Albans High School, and Timothy B. Young, 5868 Eastern Ave. NE, of Pauletta A. Richards, a Suitland resident who attends LaReine High School here, also won a scholarship.