"What career do you plan to pursue?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Career Awareness Fair held at the D.C. Armory to ask city youngsters what they wanted to do after graduation. ;

Dennis Livingston, 14, Browne Junior High NE: "I like football and i'd like to play with the Seattle Seahawks. I like the way they catch touchdowns.";

Michelle Bowman, 15, Elliot Junior High SE: "I'd like to work with medicines and drugs in a pharmacy. I like to work with people and help people;

Michael Bowman, 13, Elliot Junior High SE: "I'd like to be a football star and play for the Steelers. I like to hit and catch;

Lisa Mcneal, 11, Bryan Elementary School SE: "I like math and I'd like to be a math teacher. I like adding things and I like to help people learn.";

Karen Heath, 13, Elliot Junior High SE: "i'd like to do something with sewing and crocheting because i like making outfits. I'm interested in modeling too, to get the money to buy material.";

Henrietta Lawrence, 17, Spingarn Senior High School NE: "The career i want to pursue is medicine. I've always wanted to become a doctor because I want to learn ways to cure diseases and help people. The Career Fair was really together and I learned things."