Mayor Marion Barry said this week that by Oct. 1 he plans to create a new medical and mental health administration separate from the Department of Human Resources.

Barry's plans for city health services were presented in an address at a ground-breaking ceremony for the Columbia Hospital for Women. Next week, the hospital is slated to begin a $7.5 million construction project that will add two medical and storage wings to the facility.

Stating that he is "not happy" with medical and mental health services provided by DHR, Barry said, "By October 1, I hope to take health care and mental health services out of the Department of Human Resources and place them in one agency."

In comments after the ceremony, Barry said he would appoint new administrators to the mental and community health and hospital administrations after the reorganization.

"One has already left," he said, referring to the recent resignation of Dr. Jefferson McAlpine, the former mental health administrator. "I'm not sure what form or fashion it (the reorganization) will take but it will be different than it is now."

Barry said the task force studying the reorganization is headed by Dr. Arthur Hoyt, a physician in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center.