Virginia's director of state purchasing and at least one other high official in his department will be reassigned until an investigation of alleged kickbacks from salesmen is completed, a senior government official said today.

Gov. John N. Dalton is expected to make the announcement at a noon press conference on Friday.

Dalton met for two hours this afternoon with Attorney General Marshall Coleman, two members of his cabinet, state police and Richmond prosecutor Aubrey Davis over ways to respond to the latest bribery allegations.

A knowwledgeable state official said that Phillip Brooks, director of the state Division of Purchases and Supply, will be reassigned along with at least one other top aide.

James A. Padgett, former state printing manager, was quoted in The Norfolk Ledger-Star Wednesday as acknowledging he received more than $30,000 in kickbacks from a printing firm in exchange for state contracts between 1973 and 1975.

A special grand jury in Richmond is investigating the allegations of payoffs to purchasing employes over a period of years. Sources had said that at least one business executive has offered to testify before the grand jury about cash payments made to get printing contracts.

Davis said after he left today's meeting that he believes the jury, which has been meeting for three months, may need several more months to finish its work.