A caller said he was recently turned down for a clerk-typist job in a federal agency, although he scored 99.2 on the test.

His downfall came, he says, with the personnel official (a woman) who was supposed to interview him. She took one look and said he would have to do better on the test, he says. After a very brief interview, he says he was told, "don't call us, we'll call you," or words to that effect.

The man says he checked with the U.S. Employment Service, which had put him onto the job lead, to find out what the real problem was. He was told, he says, that the agency interviewer decided he was "emotionally disturbed." How did she decide that? he asked. Because, he was told he "didn't blink his eyes enough" during the brief interview, and also because he said he planned to get rich on the job which starts at $9,391 a year.

About the not blinking enough, the man says he doesn't know how many blinks per minute are normal. As to getting rich, he says he makes less now and has saved money. Working for Uncle Sam as a clerk-typist, he figures that he could salt away $200 a month.

"Look," he says, "I'm a 42-year-old bald male who wants to be a clerk-typist. I worked before in government. I have a college degree but I like being a clerk. Maybe I don't blink enough, I don't know. Does it make me crazy? Can the government keep me out for such unwritten reasons?"

I don't know if it can, or if, indeed, the episode went that way. The agency-unnamed because this call-in is unverified-couldn't identify who talked to the individual, if anyone did.

But just to show things are tough all over, remember that there is a 42-year-old bald male out there who firmly believes he has been discriminated against because he doesn't blinkenough.