Victor LeRoy Edwards, a lawyer disbarred this week by the Maryland Court of Appeals, was not the majority stockholder of the Clinton Community Hospital, as reported in The Washington Post Tuesday. The majority stockholder was Mary P. Hayes, whom Edwards represented.

A Prince George County lawyer was disbarred today for instigating a break-in into the office of a hospital developer he was seeking to discredit.

The Maryland Court of Appeals took the action against Victor LeRoy Edwards, a practicing lawyer in the county from 1960 to 1974. Criminal charges against Edwards and two others stemming from the same incident were dismissed in 1976.

The Maryland appeals court concurred with a state bar panel's finding that Edwards planned the break-in to obtain documents damaging to Dr. Francis P. Chiaramonte, developer of the Southern Maryland Hospital Center in Clinton.

At the time, Edwards was the majority stockholder in the nearby Clinton Community Hospital and was representing a woman seeking to build another hospital in the same vicinty.

No "illegal entry" into Chairamonte's office ever occurred. Instead, an undercover officer and a private investigator fabricated the break-in, calling Edwards from the Forestville state police barracks to say they were inside Chairamonte's office.

In urging his disbarment, the bar panel said Edwards ahd "participated in a conspiracy and solicitation to commit a felony . . . sufficient illegal conduct involving moral turpitude to warrant disbarment."

Edwards had objected to the state bar's recommendation but failed to appear before the appeals court to argue his side. Edwards could not be reached for comment yesterday.