"Have you felt any baseball fever?" Staff writer Denis Collins and photographer Valerie Hodgson went to 17th and Q streets NW to ask District residents if they are ready for the baseball season.;

Erik Alvarado, 17, 17th and R streets NW: "The only baseball I'm concerned about is my school team, Wilson. I'm a soccer fan myself.";

Libby Dubbin, 22, 17the and Corcoran streets NW: "I have spring fever, but no baseball fever. I don't watch the games on television because I don't watch television. The Washington Senators baseball team? I've never heard of them.";

Sadie Watts, 32, 17th and Q streets NW: "When the Washington Senators were here I used to go all the time. My husband loves baseball and I go where he goes.";

David Albert Turpin,9, Argonne and Mount Pleasant streets NW: "Baseball fever has already started. I made my first homerun last week. I didn't like baseball too much before because I could only bunt. The bat was too heavy for me.";

Jan Wamsted, 22, 17th Q streets NW: "I'm from New Jersey and I used to love to go to New York and see the Yankees play in person. But I find sports on television very boring.";

Virginia Eyles, 82, 17th and N streets NW: "I'm all for sports. That's American. But the only people I'm interested in are the Pirates and Notre Dame.";

Damien Koffie-Lart, 29, Connecticut and Brandywine streets NW: "Back in Africa (Togo) we used to play baseball as kids. But I didn't know it was a big tthing until I came over here." CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 7, no caption, photographer Valerie Hodgson