A proposal to remove some or all of the fences-referred to by their detractors as a new "Berlin Wall"-that block traffic in the Dowden Terrace section of Alexandria was killed last night by a 6-to-1 vote of the Alexandria City Council.

City Manager Douglas Harman had endorsed the proposal made last month by state highway and Fairfax County officials. The fences would have come down so traffic studies could be made.

Mayor Frank E. Mann told the council he was disturbed that no council member had been invited to the meeting at which the proposal was worked out.

The city erected the fences last year as a means of eliminating high volume traffic cutting through the neighborhood near the Fairfax County line as a short-cut to Rte. 395.

The motion rejecting the fence removal also called for continued efforts to get a street built connecting Seminary Road and Columbia Pike as a means of relieving traffic congestion. The lone vote against the motion was cast by Vice Mayor Nora Lamborne.

The council also received a report urging establishment of a special office to deal with matters affecting condominiums.

Sol Z. Zungoli, head of the Alexandria Condominium Study Committee, told council members that condominium owners received less than a fair share of city services in exchange for the taxes they pay when compared to the owners of single-family homes.