Washington's mayor, council chairman and delegate to Congress announced yesterday that they will go dicsoing Friday night in behalf of the D.C. voting rights ratification drive.

"Ratification Disco Night" at five nightspots will kick off a weekend of activities aimed at raising money and enthusiasm for the nationwide campaign to ratify the proposed constitutional amendment.

Other events planned by the non-profit corporation that was formed earlier this month to coordinate the ratification effort include a picnic Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial and appeals for funds from pulpits throughout the city on Sunday.

The five establishments that have agreed to donate part of their proceeds Friday to the ratification treasury are Apple of Eve, Chapter II, Pierce Street Annex. The Clubhouse and Foxtrappe. Two others, The Last Hurrah and The Beret, are planning similar events at a later date.

Mayor Marion Barry and Council Chairman Arrington Dixon announced at a press conference at the District Building yesterday that they would appear at all five places Friday night and invited D.C. Del. Walter E. Fauntroy to join them. The three elected officials constitute the board of the new service corporation.

Fauntroy, a Baptist minister, hesitated about going dancing, but finally pledged that "if pressed" by Barry and Dixon. "I will rock."

A new ratification song and motto, "You Got to Put Something In to Get Something Out," will be unveiled during the evening by "Grey and Hanks," who have recorded it for RCA.

This weekend's hoopla is aimed at involving local residents in the campaign that would result in giving the city full voting representation in Congress. Fauntroy has served as a non-voting delegate in the Hose since 1972.

Local volunteers will be asked to contact friends and relatives in other states, through a "pen pals" program, to urge ratification by the legislatures of their respective states. So far, six of the needed 38 legislatures have ratified the proposal. Eight others have rejected it.

Tony Thompson, executive director of the ratification corporation also announced yesterday that seven more persons will serve as vice presidents of the corporation.

They are Councilman Jerry A. Moore Jr.; former councilman Rockwood Foster; attorney Samuel Jackson; attorney Melvin Burton; Emily H. Womach, president of Women's National Bank, Margaret K. Taylor of the D.C. Republican Central Committee, and Esther C. Lawton of the D.C. Commission on Women.