John H.Dalton has no plans to run for governor of Virginia.

Which is fine with John N.Dalton, who already happens to hold that office.

"everybody makes a joke about it," said John H.Dalton, of Alexandria, recently appointed Democratic tresurer of the Carter-mondale re-election campaign.

"but it's got to be creating some consternation," said John N.Dalton of Richmond, Republican governor of Virginia.

Although the two Daltons have never met, their political paths are crossing more frequently these days-much to the confusion of secretaries telephone operators, campaign contributors, politicians, cocktail party guests and hotel managers.

Dalton the Democrat said he spoke with Lt. Gov. William P.Hobby-a democrat-realized it wasn't the Republican governor.

"i think he just logically assumed when the secretary said it was John Dalton on the line, that it was the governor," he said.

On another occasion, he checked into The Homestead in Virginia and found a large bouquet of flowers in his room. The card read: "Best Wishes, Governor."

At a recent cocktail party, Dalton's wife was approached by a guest who said he was dying to meet me and said,'Governor, I'm so pleased to meet you.' I said I wasn't the governor. The man was pretty embarrassed."

Hobby said yesterday he misunderstood at first, although he noted that Gov. Dalton "has a very distinctive sounding voice. Kind of nasally."

Which the real Gov. John Dalton finds amusing.

"At a convention last week I was approached by several people who told me they had received calls from a John Dalton," the governor said yesterday. "Evidently, he was put through to them immediately."

Carter's campaign treasurer said the confusion "hasn't really been a problem yet, although it seems to be happening more in recent months."

Especially with his 5-year-old son. "My wife explained to him that Daddy wasn't the governor," Dalton the Democrat said yesterday. "But when he went into a store to pick up a package, the saleslady was very impressed and adked him if he was the governor's son. He came out to the car and said,'Mom, it was too complicated. I said yes." CAPTION: Picture 1, JOHN H. DALTON ...Carter re-election treasurer; Picture 2, JOHN N. DALTON ...governor of Virginia