Foreign journalists who wish to come to Poland to cover the visit of Pope John Paul II in June will have to pay a tax of $350, according to a government announcement.

The announcement said the money will have to be paid in advance at Polish embassies or consulates. Receipts for the amount will be attached to applications for visas that will be required for the reporter's entry into Poland.

The government said, further, that only a limited number of telecommunications channels will be available for foreigns journalists to use to send out their reports.

All cables destined for abroad are subject to state censorship in Poland.

A foreign journalist will be charged $100 per day for a hotel room.

More than 400 foreign journalists already have reserved hotel rooms for the duration of the pope's visit from June 2 to June 10.

The Polish Catholic bishops have begun to organize a team to translate the pope's sermons and speeches. Polish church leaders said that efforts to persuade state authorities to allow reports on the pope's visit to be broadcast over a Polish shotwave transmitter had so far been unsuccessful. Vatican Radio, however, is expected to provide considerable coverage of the papal visit. Three special direct telephone lines have been reserved for communication between Poland and the Vatican.