The price of a five-mile trip between Washington and any point in Maryland or Virginia in a District of Columbia cab will rise April 30 to $4.40 from the present $3.75.

The rise is part of a general interstate fare increase ordered by the metropolitan area's taxicab regulators on Thursday for taxis licensed and regulated by the District.

The current rates call for a fare of and 35 cents for each additional half-mile or fraction of a half-mile.

Under the new rates the initial fare goes up to 80 cents and the fare for each additional half-mile rises to 40 cents.

The $4.40 fare for a five-mile trip, effective 4 a.m. April 30, is a 17.3 percent increase over the old fare of $3.75. The increase meets the president's wage price guidelines after consideration of the increase in the Consumer Price Index, according to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission, which regulates interstate cab fares in this area.

Also to rise April 30 will be the interstate fare for each extra passenger in a party formed in advance. It will go up to 60 cents from the 40-cent figure established in 1976.