With a strong boost from area realtors, who contributed more than $12,000, lawyer John Ray has raised $73,813 to support his campaign for City Council in the May 1 election, far more than any of his opponents.

In reports filed yesterday with the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics-the final reports before next Tuesday's election-Ray indicated that that since March 9, his campaign organization has raised $57,336, more than $9,500 a week.

By contrast, Ray's principal opponent in the race, former City Council member Douglas E. Moore, has raised $9,687, according to the reports.

In the heated City Council race in Ward 4, Charlene Drew Jarvis appeared to the Candidate with the Largest amount of contributions. Jarvis reported raising $20,178.

Only three of the candidates in the race for an at-large seat on the school board filed financial reports yesterday. Rohulamin "Ro" Quander was the leading fundraiser among them with $3,119.

The reports on file indicated that the lion's share of political contributions, which are generally taken as one of several indices of political support, are good to Ray, who has the active support in the campaign of Mayor Marion Barry. Some of Barry's key campaign fund raisers have been gathering money for Rays campaign.

Among Ray's contributions, more than 50 were from persons or firms whose business was indicated as real estate. He received at least three contributions of $1,000 each, one of $900 and some of $650. Ray also received a $100 contribution from Mayor Barry.

Moore, who reported lending $1,400 to his campaign, received seven contributions of $500 or more, many from medical or dental professionals or businessmen, according to the reports. Moore received more than $3,500 from labor unions and $400 from the D.C. Bankers Association-which contributed $500 to Ray.

Both men also received $400 each from the union representing the City's police officers. Moore received $200 from James L. Hudson of the Judson & Leftwich law firm. Hudson's partner, Willie Leftwich, contributed $150 to Ray.

Among other candidates in the at-large race, Richard Blanks reported raising $895 and Frannie Goldman $4,895. There were no reports from six other candidates.

Candidates in the Ward 4 race who submitted reports included Barry K. Campbell ($12,145), Victoria T. Street ($15,299), Dorothy M. Maultsby ($4,003), Richard R. Clark ($652.09), Norman C. Neverson ($15,447), Nate Sims ($9,851), Goldie C. Johnson ($1,163), William Revely ($2,852) and Malcolm Diggs ($1,675).

School board candidate John H. Wallace reported raising $680, while Vincent Jones said he had raised $583 for the school board race.