Bettie J. Robinson, th controversial director of the D.C. Office of Consumer Protection, will soon be removed as the Barry administration continues its purge of holdover officials, a key District Building source reported last night.

Robinson is scheduled to meet Monday with city administrator Elijah B. Rogers, who refused to confirm a report of her impending departure but acknowledged that "I've heard those rumors."

"I haven't come to any decision," Rogers said. "There are some problems over there [in the consumer protection office], and I'm considering the situation."

One source close to the situation said Robinson would be replaced, but the timing is uncertain. Robinson could not be reached for comment.

Robinson is the latest of about a dozen high-ranking holdovers from the Walter E. Washington mayoral administration to be replaced since Mayor Marion Barry took office Jan. 2.

Robinson, former general counsel of the consumer protection office, was named its acting director by Washignton after Edith Barksdale Sloan accepted a federal appointment early in 1978. Last fall, Robinson was named director.

Her tenure has been marked by internal dissention over personnel matters, including firings and a reorganization.

Last Dec. 19, less than two weeks before Barry took office, seven of the 11 members of a citizens advisory panel resigned,accusing Robinson of mismanagement and ineffectiveness. Robinson in turn accused her critics of conducting a vendetta.

On Feb. 12, when Major Barry met with staff members of the consumer protection office, he did not tip his hand on Robinson's tenure."Once I have had a chance to look [at the whole situation], I'll make a decision about the director over here," he told a reporter at the time.