The Volunteer Clearinghouse of the District of Columbia took some time off from helping to provide agencies in the District to honor its own volunteer workers last Friday during National Volunteer Week.

A wine and cheese reception was held at Saint Paul's Episcopal Church dining hall for 49 people who are volunteer workers for the Clearinghouse, which tries to match volunteers with the needs of non-profit agencies. The Clearinghouse estimates its volunteers donated 5,020 hours of time in 1978 and will probably work at least 10,000 hours this year.

The Clearinghouse volunteers seemed to be a diverse group. As volunteer Betty Lowenstein noted, "There are as many different kinds of people."

A former legal secretary, Lowenstein joined the Clearinghouse about two years ago "as a way to kind of keep the resume active." Since then, she has worked as an interviewer for the Clearinghouse and coordinated volunteer effort in District junior and senior high schools as well as many private schools.

Another volunteer, Gerson Lush, told of his reluctant decision to become a volunteer. Now the editior of the Clearinghouse newsletter, Lush said he was browing through the Chevy Chase Library after his retirement in 1977 as a State Department public affairs officer when he was approached by Sue Whitman, president of the Clearinghouse board of directors. She asked him to help interview senior citizens for an oral history project, and he's been a volunteer ever since.

Retired printer John Darby, who recently typed more than 34,000 mailing labels for the American Heart Association, says he joined the Clearinghouse because "I like to keep busy. . . If I don't have something to do, I'm liable to jump out the window."

Other volunteers recognized for their service were Emilia Aguilera, kathleen Benson, Nancy Beers, Mary Claire Bond, Ruth Brody, Marion Brown, Bruce Burns, Eileen Clark, Pat Clerkin, Acacia Crowell, Gladys DeLong, Ann Edwards, Jewell Fenzi, Sung-Suk Gaber, Carol Glancy, Tom Gauger, Courtney Hagner, David Harrington, Gail Herrick, Barbara Hitchcock, Steve Ingram, Velora Jernigan, Lee Johnson, Jim Kariya, Barbara Kirchheimer, Lorraine Larson, Dorothy Laybourne, Sugar Ray Leonard, Anne Marie Lewis, Leslie Lurey, Antoinette MacAuley, Ruby Morgan, Mary Pinkasavage, Dorothy Philips, Doris Post, Ann Richardson, Anne Rydlewicz, Sarah Shafer, Gladys Sillman, C. Vanessa Spinner, Dorothy Stansbury, Virginia Sullivan, Sherry Urciolo, Brian Vaillancourt, Laura Weir and Mary Yerrick.