Ezra R. Cox, 74, a veteran printer at The Washington Post, died of a cerebral hemorrhage Wednesday at Prince George's General Hospital in Cheverly.

Mr. Cox was born in Floyd County in southwestern Virginia and orphaned at an early age.He was educated in the Virginia Baptist Children's Home in Salem, Va., where he learned the printing trade.

One of his coworkers in The Post composing room described him as "one of the last tramp printers." Mr. Cox's wanderlust in his youth led him to the Navy. He became a printer in China in the mid-1920s while on loan to newspapers for the British community there, and then worked in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

In Washington Mr. Cox worked at various times for the old Times-Herald, The washington Star, the Government Printing Office and at various job shops as well as at The Post.

Mr. cox first worked for The Post about 40 years ago. His most recent employment at the newspaper began in the early 1970s.

He was a member of International Typographiclal Union Local No. 101.

Mr. Cox, who lived in Bladensburg, is survived by two daughters, Mary M. Philpott and Laura A. Lunsford, both of Greenbelt; tow sons, Ed and James L. both of Washington, and four grandchildren CAPTION: Picture, EZRA R. COX