An Alexandria teacher group said yesterday that city School Superintendent John H. Bristol should resign because he has "consistently" refused to talk with the group about its demands for a 7 percent pay raise, substantial increases in health care benefits and greater opportunity to influence certain decisions.

The Education Association of Alexandria (EAA), which represents 735 of the city's 840 public school teachers, listed its demands in clarifying its call for Bristol's resignation, amde last week. Bristol serves at the pleasure of the board of Education.

"All we get are thou shalt do this and thou shalt do that," from the school administration, said EAA executive director Marilyn Clevevland in expressing the group's displeasure.

Bristol declined to comment.His administrative assistant, Dennis Leone, said that Bristol had in fact talked with the teachers, as had John Duvall, another school administrator. Leone said that some of the teachers' demands may be satisfied when the school board gets its annual budget from the Alexandria City Concil sometime this month.

Van Martin, president of EAA, said talks with Bristol have been "inconclusive" and that Duvall lacks authority to make decisions. Martin said a general membership meeting is scheduled for May 15 and that community support will be sought then for Bristol's resignation.

Teacher groups in bothe Arlington and Fairfax County, embroiled in pay disputes, have voted to censure the superintendents in their jurisdictions this year