A Prince George's County hearing officer recommended yesterday that six more massage parlors in the county be closed because of police charges that masseuses have engaged in illegal sexual practices, including touching the "erogenous zones" of their clients.

If the recommendation is approved by the county's acting director of licenses and permits, Charles C. Deegan, eight of the nine massage parlors in Prina Gerorg's will have been shut down by administraion action this year.

A Washigton attorney who represents five of the parlors charged yesterday that the investigation and license hearings had been "a three-ring circus" designed to drive massage parlors in the county, and added that the owners of the parlors planned to appeal the rulings. "The decision in these cases mimeorgraphed before thet even held the hearings," Goldenberg said.

The massage parlors recommended for shutdowns yesterday were the Scan Sauna, 6852 New Hampshire Ave., Takoma Park; Entertainers, 8534 Edgeworth Drive in Capitol Heights; Action Health Clud, 7715 Penn Belt Drive, Forestville; The Oasis, 4005 Penn Belt drive, Forestville; The Continental, 5017 Herzel Place, Betsville, and The Foxy One, 8444 Armore-Ardwick rd.

Deegan said yesterday that department hearing officer Jack Kelly, the chief of Licenses and Permits' business standards division, also is preparing a recommendation on the license of the county's remaining massage parlor. Last month, Deegan ordered that the licenses of two massage parlors be revoked.

The county's crackdown on massage parlor licenses began after an eight-month undercover investigation by county police that has also produced criminal charges against several masseuses.

By law, Deegan can not make a decision on whether to revoke the licenses of the six parlors for at least ten days to allow the owners of the businesses to submit comments or exceptions to the hearing officer's report.