An Alexandria rental agency yesterday accomplished what federal and local law enforcement officials could not: it ousted the operator of a male escort service from his historic town house, effectively closing what law enforcement officials said was a homosexual prostitution service.

"I'm out of business," said Michael Parker, after the Charles R. Hooff agency informed him that he had violated his lease by operating a commercial venture at 807 Duke St., a neighborhood zoned for residents.

"I can't stay here," Parker said yesterday. "The whole world just came down."

Federal and local authorities had been aware of Parker's operations, Fantasies Unlimited, Creative Exposures and Secret services, for several months. But because prostitution laws apply almost exclusively to women, police have said Parker was immune from prosecution.

"It's outrageous," State Sen. Wiley Mitchell (R-Alexandria) said yesterday. "The community will not and cannot tolerate it." Mitchell said he is prepared to sponsor legislation to amend state laws governing prostitution to cover males.

City Manager Douglas Harman and Alexandria Police Chief Charles T. Strobel met yesterday to discuss the issue. "The matter is under investigation," Harman said later, Commonwealth's Attorney John E. Kloch said.

Parker, who said in an earlier interview that his business was to "fulfill fantasies," moved his operations from a condominium in The Alexandria House to Duke Street two months ago with a partner, J. C. Reynolds III. However, Reynolds said yesterday that their partnership was limited to "Creative Exposures," a photographic service. (See HOUSE, B3, Col. 1) (HOUSE, From B1)

Parker had described the Old Town operation in an interview last week, saying the three-bedroom town house featured a "dungeon room" outfitted with sado-masochistic equipment for a homosexual clientele.

Yesterday, Charles R. Hooff III, the rental agent, said," We made an inspection of the property. We asked him to leave." According to Hooff, "He's leaving."

Parker, 28, was bitter. "They say I'm sick. If there wasn't a need for me then why do I keep getting clients? I'm the bad guy?"