Blacks and Palestinians marched along Massachusetts Avenue yesterday to lodge protests with what they described as their respective "oppressors," the embassies of South Africa, Israel and Rhodesia.

The Marchers then headed to Malcom X Park, also known as Meridian Hill Park, for a rally and some reggae music.

"We have taken to the streets at a time when the masses of people are taking to the streets," said a spokesman for the All African People's Revolutionary Party. "Africa is on fire tonight. We are at war tonight. No force on earth will stop Mother Africa."

Mostafa Abulghaith, a spokesman for the Arab Student Association, said the Palestinians had declared solidarity with the Africans in a filght against colonialism and imperialism.

"We are celebrating May 15 because that is the day Palestine was colonized by the Zionists," Abulghaith said. "We want to emphasize that our goal is not to fight Jews, but Zionism, which is racist."

In a synchronized march, about 50 Palestinian demonstrators marched from the White House to join about 1,500 black protestors who had started a march along Massachusetts Avenue from 16th Street NW.

The two groups met at 22nd and P Streets near the statue of Taras Shevchenko a 19th Century Ukrainian anticommunist poet, then headed past the Bridge of the Buffaloes to the embassies.

Roosevelt Boone, 24, garduate student at the University of Maryland, was among some 2,000 attending yesterday's rally.

"I just came to see masses of African people together," Boone said. "All we're trying to say is that blacks need self-determination. We have a problem that is unique because we suffer from race and class, while whites only suffer from class.

"There are some issues that blacks and whites can rally around together," he said, "But not self-determination."

Traffic was blocked along Massachusetts Avenue for about an hour as te march proceeded. Dozens of police cars were strategically placed along the parade route out of the view of the marchers. CAPTION:

Picture, Black activist Stokely Carmichael, now known as Kwame Toure (in center of group, behind youth) joined marchers for the All African People's Revolutionary Party at Malcolm X Park yesterday. By Vanessa R. Barnes-The Washington Post