A 16-year-old vocational student, waiting for a bus to take him to a friend's home, was accosted in Capitol Heights last night by three older youths who forced him into a wooded area, robbed him of about $1.40, his clothes and jewelry, and shot him in the legs.

The youth, who later crawled to another friend's home for help, was reported in good condition yesterday at Prince George's General Hospital. County police were seeking three suspects, described as men about 17 to 18 years old.

Details of the incident were sketchy yesterday. According to police reports, the youth, who lives in far Northeast, was on his way to visit the friend in the Hillside neighborhood of Southeast when the incident occurred.

The youth was at the corner of Able Avenue and Gunther Street, at the boundary of the District and Capitol Heights in Prince George's County. Members of his family said he was waiting for a bus when he was attacked.

The injured youth did not know his assilants, his mother said yesterday. "He'd never seen them before," she said.

The three assailants, two of them armed with handguns, walked the youth to a wooded area, police reported. They then took his clothes, inexpensive jewelry and his wallet containing a small amount of money - roughly $1.40, police said.

After the robbery, the youth was shot in the left leg, police said. The bullet apparently passed through and injured the other leg.

After the shooting, the three assilants fled on foot. The youth managed to get to his friend's home and police were called at 12:38 a.m. The youth was admitted to the hospital 20 minutes later.

The youth's relatives would not say yesterday how long it took the injured youth to reach his friend's home. Asked how he got there, a sister whispered, "He crawled."

The youth's mother said her son was in vocational school, "so he can make something of himself, so he won't have to lie, to cheat, to steal . . . and then this happens.