The Education Association of Alexandria, which represents most of the city's teachers, voted yesterday to begin a job action June 7 to emphasize its demand for 7 percent pay raises.

The "work-to-the-rule" action, in which the 735 association members would perform only those duties described as part of their jobs, is scheduled for the day after the school board meets to consider its budget. The action could be called off, according to association Executive Director Marilyn Cleveland, if the board grants teachers the raises they are seeking.

Similar job actions have been started in Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun county schools to protest the refusal of school boards to grant teacher pay demands. Among other things, many teachers there have refused to grade papers at home and to participate in some extracurricular activities.

The Alexandria School Board has said it plans to increase expenditure for teachers and other school employes by 7 percent, but has not guaranteed that teachers will be given 7 percent raises. The teachers fear that some of the extra money they want in their paycheck would be applied to fringe benefits or to raises for the other workers.

School Superintendent John C. Bristol declined last night to comment on the vote by the teachers association.