A General Services Administration official, who pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy and fraud in connection with the awarding of government contracts, was sentenced to six months in jail yesterday by a federal judge here.

James N. Henslee, 33, of 3103 Pershing Dr., Arlington, was given the sentence by U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Gasch. In addition, Henslee was given 4 1/2 years of probation.

Henslee the first GSA official to be sentenced in the District of Columbia in connection with the continuing investigation into corruption in the government's service and procurement agency, was charged with receiving between $50,000 and $75,000 in cash and other gratuities for awarding illegal contracts.

In some instances, according to the criminal information specifying the charges against Henslee, the contracts were overstated and in others the contracts "were false in their entirety."

Henslee's lawyer, John Kirby, asked Gasch not to impose a jail term because Henslee "found he did not have the strength to say no" when tempted by contractors.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William S. Block told Gasch that "despite the cooperation" that Henslee had given the prosecution, "the government strongly urges the court to consider incarceration as the only meaningful sentence for this serious crime."