D.C. Mayor Marion Barry declined yesterday to release or discuss an eight-page report detailing a two-week investigation into an allegation that Deputy Police Chief William Trussell had made a remark equating blacks with animals.

Barry, who said he received the report from Police Chief Burtell Jefferson Wednesday night, said it is "locked up" at his home and that there is only one copy of it.

Barry, who said he had read the report, refused to say when, or if, it would be released.

Asked why the report, prepared by a three-member panel appointed by Jefferson, took two weeks to prepare, Barry said, "I've been calling the chief every day asking why it's taking so long."

Sources within the police department and mayor's office said the Trussell issue had created friction between Barry and Jefferson.

The report is the first of a two-part investigation of Trussell, commander of the criminal investigations division, which includes the homicide, robbery, and sex offense squads as well as other detective units.

Nearly three weeks ago, homicide detectives openly rebelled against Trussell's leadership, charging he is "incompetent" and that he had uttered a racial slur on two separate occasions.

The remark has been neither confirmed nor denied publicly by Trussell.

Trussell, who is white, is alleged to have said to seven white detectives, "Not all people go into shock. Animals don't go into shock when they are shot and neither do blacks."

Medical experts say that all humans and animals are susceptible to going into shock.

Homicide detectives have charged that the remark was not only insensitive racially, but it was "incomprehensible" coming from someone whose job involves investigations of violent death.

Neither Jefferson nor Barry would say how much longer the investigation into the competence issue would continue.

Barry said, however, that Jefferson told him the investigation into the racial remark "was more difficult" than the competence question raised by the detectives. "A man's career is at stake," Barry said.

In response to previous questions about Trussell, the mayor has said he would not tolerate racist remarks by any D.C. government employe.