The U.S. Attorney's office is investigating a prisoners's complaint that he was allegedly beaten while under arrest in a D.C. police substation cellblock in early April.

Michael Morris,21, of the Gospel Mission, who flied the complaint April 18, was arrested outside the Trailways bus station April 4, charged with disorderly conduct and jailed in the First District substation cellblock in Southeast.

Morris alleged a desk sergeant first hit him on the hands while he was handcuffed and later a second officer came to his cell and hit him. Police officials say Morris was taken to the hospital and treated for minor cuts.

Police said their investigation showed that "forced" was used against Morris after he "resisted" police attempts to fingerprint him. He "scuffled" with officers and was injured at that time, they said.

The disorderly charge against Morris was dropped the following day.

The case is unusual because Jim Owens, chief of the U.S. Attorney's misdemeanor trial section, said his office launched its invesgitaion, after receiving complaints from two veteran First District officers.

Owens said police officials had dismissed the brutality charges because they could not locate Morris. But police officals deny the charges were dismissed. Instead they said their investigation was stymied in the beginning because they could not locate a police officer and had no statement from him.