The top echelon of Mayor Marion Barry's administration is made up of few persons either born or raised in the District of Columbia. Among the major department heads and top aides who were:

Dwight S. Cropp, executive secretary to the mayor.

Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson.

Recreation Director William H. Rumsey.

Environmental Services Director Herbert L. Tucker.

Personnell Director George R. Harrod (on leave).

General Services Director (acting) Carroll B. Harvey.

Special Assistant Anita Bonds.

Special Assistant Valerie Barry.

Special Assistant Edward M. Meyers (Takoma Park).

Documents Director David A. Splitt (Annandale).

Here is a partial list of other key people in the Barry administration and their hometowns:

Mayor Marion Barry - Memphis, Tenn. (born in Itta Bena, Miss.)

First Lady Effi Barry - Toledo, Ohio.

Patricia Seldon, the mayor's executive assistant - Boston, Mass.

General Assistant Ivanhoe Donaldson - New York City.

City Administrator Elijah B. Rogers - Orlando, Fla.

Corporation Counsel Judith W. Rogers - New York City.

Budget Director Gladys W. Mack - Rock Hill, S.C.

Planning Director James O. Gibson - Atlanta, Ga.

Financial Management Director Colin F.S. Walters - Weston-Super-Mare, England.

Legal Counsel Herbert O. Reid - Wilson, N.C.

Press Secretary Florence L. Tate - Memphis, Tenn.

Finance and Revenue Director Kenneth Back - Jeremiah, Ky.

Economic Development Director Knox Banner - Fort Worth, Tex.

Minority Business Opportunity Commission Director Courtland Cox - Trinidad, W.I.

Library Director Hardy Franklin - Rome, Ga.

Communications Director Alan F. Grip - Scranton, Pa.

Personnel Director Jose Gutierrez (acting) - New York City.

Corrections Director Delbert C. Jackson - Montgomery, W.Va.

Fire Chief Jefferson W. Lewis - Winchester, Va.

Housing Director Robert L. Moore - Camden, N.J.

Recorder of Deeds Peter S. Ridley - Newport News, Va.

Human Resources Director Albert P. Russo - Providence, R.I.

Transportation Director Douglas N. Schneider Jr. - Lincoln, Neb.

Labor Director Matthew F. Shannon (acting) - Pleasantville, N.J.

Human Rights Director Anita B. Shelton - Englewood, N.J.

Special Assistant Warren Graves - Opelika, Ala.

Special Assistant Betty King - Cleveland, Ohio.

Special Assistant Diane C. Lewis - New York City.

Special Assistant Lillian Adkins Sedgwick - Richmond, Va.

Special Assistant Audrey Rowe - New York City.