A 28-year-old desk clerk in a health club for homosexuals was fatally shot once in the chest Friday night during an apparent robbery attempt, D.C, police reported.

Police said Robert J. Urek was shot at the Regency Health Club, 413 L St. NW, at about 11:50 p.m. Urek, whose home address was given by police at the health club, was taken to Washington Hospital Center after the shooting. He died there at 3:10 a.m., officials said.

According to police, Urek was shot during a robbery attempt. But according to Tom Carter, an attendant at the club, the men who broke into the club took no money. Carter said one of the men held the staff and patrons at gunpoint after the shooting while his accomplice counted $45 in the cashier's box. The two men then left without taking the money, Carter said.

According to Carter, Urek was folding sheets at the front of the club when the men entered. The men asked Urek to give them the club's money and Urek refused, Carter said. One of the men then shot Urek, sending the club's patrons scrambling out of upstairs rooms in panic, Carter said.

Carter said Urek had worked at the club "for some time" but no one knew where he lived or where he came from.

Carter said Urek is thought to have done construction work during th day but identities, home towns and occupations are closely guarded among homosexuals.