A man charged as a rape suspect after a victim recalled an identifying mark while under hypnosis has been convicted by a Prince George's County jury of raping the woman.

The man, James Tony Temoney, 22, of 1750 16th St. NW., was found guilty of first degree rape and a first degree sex offense, either of which can carry a life sentence.

According to Assistant State's Attorney Terrence McGann, the woman, raped at knifepoint in her apartment in May 1978, was unable to pick the suspect's picture out of 600 showed her by Prince George's police. In July, a friend who is a psychologist suggested hypnosis.

During the hypnosis the woman said the man who attacked her had an identifying mark on his body. Detectives recalled that a man arrested in Montgomery County on a rape charge a month earlier had a similar mark.

Then McGann said, the victim picked Temoney's picture out of a group of photos, identifying him as her assailant.

In January, Temoney was sentenced to life plus 15 years by a court in Montgomery County on two counts of first degree rape committed in that county.

The Prince George's Circuit Court jury, which convicted Temoney of rape and the sex offense late Thursday, also found him guilty of robbery with a deadly weapon and carrying a deadly weapon. Temoney was acquitted of assault with intent to maim, McGann said. Sentencing was deferred pending a probation officer's report.