The former treasurer of Peerless Rockville, a volunteer historic preservation association which received a $14,500 federal grant in 1977 to renovate Rockville's century-old train station, has been indicted on charges of misappropriating about $12,000 of the restoration money.

A Montgomery grand jury indicted Bruce M. Snider of Azalea Drive in Rockville on 27 counts of fraudulent misappropriation of a fiduciary or larceny after trust.

The indictment came after an audit of the treasurer's records showed that the funds were missing.

Members of the five-year-old non-profit corporation, which puts on walking tours of Rockville's 100 historic buildings and campaigns to save them from the wreckage ball, held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss the incident.

In a letter to the membership, the group's Board of Directors said that "these losses do not damage the reputation or ability of Peerless Rockville to continue its good preservation work. . . We now ask your continued support in the face of the present difficultty."

Peerless Rockville, named after a 19th century promotion pamphlet, had received the renovation grant through the city of Rockville. The funds were part of a Department of Housing and Urban Development community development block grant to the city.