A D.C. police lieutenant was injured by a bottle thrown during a melee involving about 300 teen-agers in southeast Washington early yesterday, police said.

The injured lieutenant was identified as Graham Sefton, the midnight watch commander of the 6th police district. He was injured when a thrown bottle broke his glasses, and cut his right eye with shards of glass, police said. Sefton was taken to Washington Hospital Center where he was treated and released.

Police said the incident, which occurred at about 2:10 a.m., started when one group of teen-agers challenge another groups, presumably from a different neighborhood, to a rock, stick and bottle-throwing fight. The teen-agers had gathered in the 1400 block of Kenilworth Avenue SE, shortly after the closing of the Parkway Gardens Supper Club at 1421 Kenilworth Ave. The club sponsors Wednesday night discos for teenagers, police reported.

"Apparently, this was some sort of gang affair," said D.C. Police Capt. George Henry, "It involved a cutting which supposedly occurred about a week before in the 7th police district. Somehow we got in the middle of it, and that's when Lt. Sefton was injured. The crown dispersed after awhile and no one arrested."