A name is signed to the letter, but no address. There's no way to check on the authenticity of the name, so I must decline to use it.

However, I must say the letter got my attention quickly. It began by calling me some very nasty names.

Why? A few days ago, a reader complained about greedy congressmen and said it's a shame they are permitted to vote themselves excessive special benefits. I agreed and said, "It is also a shame that so many people stay at home on election day instead of making it their business to vote, rain or shine."

I added that when I get to be president, I'm going to sponsor a law to make it illegal for anybody to criticize the government if he didn't take the trouble to "vote the rascals out." Then, perhaps, "Congress would get off its collective duff and procude better laws faster."

That's what triggered the letter writer's outburst. He thinks I'm a liar. He says he has voted in every election since he was 21 but it hasn't done one damn bit of good. The rascals are still in office.

What irrefutable logic! The defendant bows his head and stands mute.