A 25-year-old clerk was shot between the eyes and killed and a security guard was bound, shot and wounded early yesterday during a bizarre incident that police said was part of a robbery attempt at a motel on Georgetown's northern edge.

The desk clerk, Loring Mitchell Topp, of Fairfax, was killed about 1:20 a.m. while working at the Holiday Inn at 2505 Wisconsin Ave. Homocide detectives described his death as an "execution -- style" slaying.

After shot in the head by the gunman, the security guard, Roderick D. Hairston, 23, of Washington, freed himself from his bonds and, weak and faint, left a trail of blood as he crawled to a telephone to summon help.

While describing the incident as an attempted robbery police termed it highly unusual in that so far as could be determined nothing was taken from the victims, motel or guests.

Drawing curious stares from guests including numerous small children cavorting about an outdoor pool, investigators swarmed for hours yesterday through the eight -- story motel located just north of Calvert Street NW.

As of late yesterday police said they had identified no suspect.

According to investigators, both victims were near the motel lobby desk when the gunman forced them to an electrical equiptment room in the basement, and shot them.

After freeing his legs from rope bonds, the guard crawled out of the room, to the basement elevator, and then made his way to the phone at the desk, an act required remarkable strength, investigators said.

Police received a call at 4:50 a.m. and arrived to find Topp dead in the basement room and Hairston unconscious behind the desk.

Hairston was taken to Georgetown University Hospital where he was listed in "very critical" condition last night after surgery.

Hairston, who was unarmed, had worked at the hotel for about three months, authorities said.

Topp, a 1972 graduate of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, had worked for hotels in the area for about five or six and had been at the Holiday Inn for about six months. CAPTION: Picture, LORING MICTHELL TOPP . . . victim of slaying