Sharon Pratt Dixon, an official of the Potomac Electric Power Co. and the wife of D.C. City Council Chairman Arringtom L. Dixon said yesterday that she was remained aloof from the legislative activity over which her husband presides.

Her statement was made in a letter to the metropolitan editor of the The Washington Post following the publication of news stories reporting Arrington Dixon's backing for proposed legislation supported by Pepco.

The stories took note of Sharon Dixon's family relationship.

Sharon Dixon, the Democratic national committeewoman for the District of Columbia, held a post in Pepco's legal department until recently when she was oppointed director of the company's new consumer affairs office.

"At no time in my three years at Pepco have I served, either publicly or privately, as a lobbyist," she said in the letter. "Indeed, although I play an active public role in my husband's political activities [not a surprising circumstance for the national committeewoman . . .], I do not involve myself in the legislative process for the District of Columbia City Council."

The Post's news accounts focused on the council chairman's support of legislation that would curb the city's Office of the People's Counsel, which led a successful recent flight against a proposed Pepco rate increase of $39 million.

While she appreciates the company's views, Sharon Dixon said, she believes Pepco should stop relying on government to deal with its customers. "If not prejudiced before I get started [as consumer affairs director], I an determined that Pepco will become a more accepted member of this community by better serving the needs and demands of its customers."