July 16 is the deadline for District residents to apply for student incentive college grants. The city has more than $1 million in federal and city grant funds.

To apply, students must have been District residents for at least 15 months before being accepted into a college program.

Application forms are available at the Education Assistance Office, 1329 E St. NW, Room 1005, or by calling 727-3688. Forms also are available at the financial aid offices of local colleges and universities.

The deadline for the grants was announced at the Department of Human Resources bi-monthly news conference.

DHR officials also announced that one-third of the 1,911 heroin users now receiving methadone treatment have decided to go "cold turkey" and take part in an abstinence treatment program. Participation in the abstinence program is up 16 percent from a year ago, DHR officials said. They estimate that 5 percent of the participants will remain off heroin after completing the treatment.

That news was offset, however, by statistic indicating an increase in heroin use and drug-related deaths.

More than 20 people a day apply for city-run drug programs compared to 8 to 15 persons a day a year ago, officials said. So far, 15 heroin-related deaths have occured this year, compared to eight such deaths in all of 1978. Officials estimate that the city has about 12,000 drug addicts, with only 2,200 of them enrolled in rehabilitation programs.

On other announcements, DHR officials said:

DHR health facilities and nursing homes have again met the accreditation standards of the National League for Nursing and the American Public Health Association. Every five years, the city health facilities, including clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and health institutions are inspected, using national and statewide health standards and objectives.

A pharmaceutical board has been established to inspect the city's stock of drugs, which are distributed to city-run hospitals, clinics and institutions. The board, which will establish policies following the investigation, was set up in response to recent government and media criticism that DHR stores and dispenses medication improperly.