The Prince George's County Council, continuing its search for ways to cut spending, is considering two bills that would trim as much as $144,000 in payments to members of various county boards.

The proposals, which would affect 11 boards and commissions ranging in scope from human relations to animal control, were drafted last month, as council members planned steps to live within the budget squeeze precipitated by Trim, the voter-approved tax limiting amendment.

One of the measures, sponsored by council chairman William B. Amonett, would eliminate all stipends except those for the board of appeals, which hears appeals of county agencies' decisions, and the personnel board, which hears county employes' grievances. Beginning in fiscal 1981, the measure could save a total of $114,000.

An amended version would wipe out those two boards' stipends, too, for an additional saving of $30,00. It was introduced by council member Sue V. Mills, at the request, she said yesterday, of County Executive Lawrence J Hogan.

Appeals and personnel board members are paid $300 a month; their chairmen receive $400 a month. Members of the 11 boards affected by both bills receive $50 for each meeting, with maximums of $100 monthly and $1,200 yearly. Chairmen of these panels can receive an additional $300.

The proposals have stirred opposition from some of the board members who would loss stipends. Three of them argued against the measures at a council hearing yesterday.

"I have memories of working eight hours on my regular job, then spending hours at a commission meeting, getting home at 5 in the morning and having to get dressed for work again," said Patricia Martin, a member of the Landlord-Tenant Commission.

She said many commission members had to take annual leave from their jobs -- and lost a day's pay -- to conduct commission business.

Cutting out the stipends, she said, would create financial hardships that could "eliminate the participation of those who cannot afford it."

The council is expected to take action on the measures later this month.