Prince George's County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan has named two men who were active in his political campaign to head large county government departments.

Hogan nominated Vaugh E. Barkdoll, 37, to be permenent head of the Department of Public Works and Transportation, of which he is currently acting director. Robert T. Ennis, one of Hogan's administrative aides, was named acting director of the Department of Central Services.

Both men were given county jobs by Hogan when he came to office late last year.

Barkdoll's nomination must be approved by the County Council, and if Ennis is nominated to be permanent director of the Central Services department, which county officials say is Hogan's intention, he must also win approval from the council.

Hogan is a Republican and all eleven council members are Democrats. Nevertheless, although some council members yesterday described both appointments as political, they also said they would probably support Barkdoll. They were less certain about approving Ennis if Hogan proposed him for permanent head of Central Services.

"I'm sure Barkdoll is there because of politics and strictly because of his affiliation with Hogan, but I'm going to vote for him," said council member Parris N. Glendening.

"I've been watching him and he's been really responsive, very helpful and very fair," he said.

According to Barkdoll's resume, he never graduated from college and has no previous experience in any field that the Public Works and Transportation department monitors. Barkdoll worked last fall as a staff coordinator in Hogan's campaign. During one of Hogan's terms as a congressman, Barkdoll worked briefly as his administrative assistant.

Hogan was vacationing yesterday. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr., his son and administrative aide, said Barkdoll and Ennis were selected because "they are both very qualified people. Barkdoll is a very hard working guy. Ennis has a strong management back ground."

Glendening, Council Chairman William B. Amonett and Council member Sue V. Mills all said they were surprised that Hogan was considering appointing Ennis on a permanent basis.

Glendening said, "I would have to look at that on very carefully. He (Ennis) has been the political hatchet man (in charge of appointments) upstairs. He's done some very partisan things and very nasty ones but it follows with his jobs."

Ennis said yesterday he worked as a manager for a data processing firm and was in charge of purchasing from 1971 until he joined Hogan's staff immediately after the election. Central Services department supervises county contracts, printing, data processing and a motor pool.

Ennis also said he "was one of the individuals who prevailed on Larry to run for county executive very early on. I've been a supporter of Larry for years." He was active in Hogan's 1966 and 1968 congressional campaigns.

Ennis, who helps supervise appointments for Hogan, said that "two or three" persons had been interviewed for acting director of Central Services. No woman or blacks were interviewed, he said.

Ennis also said that several persons had been interviewed for Barkdoll's position but he did not know how many.