In Fairfax City, love may occur in strange places, but not if it's X-rated.

Theater owner John Allsbrook yesterday pleaded on contest in Fairfax General District Court to one count of displaying obscene materials in the form of an X-rated movie, "Love in Strange Place."

Judge John A. Rothrock sentenced Allsbrook to a six-month suspended sentence, and fined him $500, with all but $100 suspended.

"I'm on probation for six months, and I have to pay $100," Allsbrook said after the 10-minute trial. "And I can't show any more X-rated movies for the rest of my life in the state of Virginia."

The misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

In May, Fairfax City police raided Allsbrook's Carousel Theater on Lee Highway in Fairfax City and Seized "Love in Strange Places," which investigators said depicted "sexual conduct showing sexual relations, including penetration, ejaculation and oral sodomy, lacking literary, artistic, political or scientific value."

"It wasn't obscene to me," Allsbrook said yesterday. "I enjoyed it and so did a lot of other people."

The theater owner said yesterday he began showing X-rated films in April "to drum up business."

According to Allsbrook, his business "tripled" when the X-rated films were shown. At the time of the raid, another theater owner whose Alexandria movie house regularly features soft-core X-rate films said suburban Washington has "an incredibly large demand for X-rated films," particularly "on Saturdays, when couples go out."

Allsbrook said yesterday he was "Just trying to make a living" and may consider moving to Washington to open up another theater.

Meanwhile, "Love in Strange Places" has been replaced at the Carousel Theater by a movie with a PG rating: "Love at First Bite."