While presidential adviser Hamilton Jordan was up at Camp David

The District Department of Transportation locked the unforgiving orange device on his white Chrysler Cordoba Tuesday in an effort to collect $110 worth of parking tickets their records showed were unpaid .

Jordan, who has had this happen once before, in December 1977, could not be reached for comment, but his secretary confirmed that the car with Georgia plates locked into its slot at Fulton and Tunlaw streets NW, was "indeed" his .

Since August 27 Jordan has received, and neglected to pay a $50 ticket for parking in a prohibited zone during rush hour, a $40 ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant and two $10 tickets for parking in a no-parking-anytime area .

Jordan's booted car is not alone, as any observer of the city's streets can attest. A department spokesman said that since the parking enforcement program began in January, more than 65 cars have been booted each day - including some owned by editors and reporters . CAPTION: Picture, Automobile, by Linda Wheeler - The Washington Post