The D.C. City Council took six roll-call votes July 3 during its deliberations on an emergency bill removing the 11 percent ceiling on mortgage interest for 90 days. The main vote for passage of the bill was 8 to 3.

During the 90-day period, the council is expected to consider permanent legislation on interest rates.

The first vote was on a motion by Hilda Mason (Statehood-At Large) to table, and thereby, kill, a proposal by John A. Wilson (D-Ward 2) to declare the emergency necessary to consider the bill, which at that point would have increased the 11 percent interest ceiling to 15 percent. The vote:

For tabling - Mason, Wilhelmina J. Rolark (D-Ward 8).

Against tabling - Wilson, David A. Clarke (D-Ward 1), Arrington L. Dixon (D-Chairman, At Large), Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4), Betty Ann Kane (D-At Large), Jerry A. Moore Jr. (R-At Large), John L. Ray (D-At Large), Polly Shackleton (D-Ward 3), Nadine P. Winter (D-Ward 6).

Absent - Willie J. Hardy (D-Ward 7), William R. Spaulding (D-Ward 5).

The council then voted 9 to 2, as follows, to declare the emergency:

For the emergency - Clarke, Dixon, Jarvis, Kane, Moore, Ray, Shackleton, Wilson, Winter.

Against the emergency - Mason, Rolark.

Absent - Hardy and Spaulding.

By a vote of 6 to 3, the council approved a motion by Kane to remove the 15 percent ceiling proposed by Wilson in the original bill, and to set no ceiling at all:

For the motion - Dixon, Jarvis, Kane, Moore, Ray, Shackleton.

Against the motion - Clarke, Mason, Rolark.

Abstaining - Winter, Wilson.

Absent - Hardy, Spaulding.

Following is the 8-to-3 vote for final passage of the bill:

For passage - Dixon, Jarvis, Kane, Moore, Ray, Shackleton, Wilson, Winter.

Against passage - Clarke, Mason, Rolark.

Absent - Hardy and Spaulding.

Wilson moved to reconsider the measure, which was defeated 6 to 4.

For reconsideration - Clarke, Mason, Rolark, Wilson.

Against the reconsideration - Dixon, Jarvis, Kane, Ray, Shackleton, Winter.

Absent - Hardy, Moore, Spaulding.