Three more suspects were arrested yesterday and charged in connection with the slaying of a 19-year-old man who was shot last week while standing in front of a friend's home in Southeast Washington.

The three and a fourth man, who was also charged in connection with the slaying after surrendering to police on Friday, have all been released on $500 bond and turned over to the custody of their families.

Superior Court Judge William C. Pryor ordered them to stay away from the Woodland neighborhood of Southeast Washington where the shooting occurred.

Darrell Woodson was shot two or three times in the chest and fatally wounded on July 14 by a gunman who jumped from a car carrying other youth, police said. Investigators said the gunman was looking for another man who had earlier aroused his anger in a dice game.

For several days after the shooting, residents said, the gunman returned with other men to the Woodland neighborhood shouting that more people would die if he did not find the man who had angered him.

After an article in Friday's editions of The Washington Post, a 19-year-old man sought in the case, Tyrone Barnett, of 4129 Warner Ave., Landover, turned himself into police.

According to police, Barnett first phoned them, asking what he should do. They advised him to turn himself in because "a lot of people with guns are looking for you."

Yesterday the three surrendered to police and were charged with homicide. They were identified as Henry Fitzhugh Jr., 20, a roofer, of 1508 Butler St. SE.; Alfred J. Matthews, 19, described as unemployed, of 1108 I St. SE. and a 17-year-old boy whose name was withheld because he is a juvenile.

About 100 irate residents of the Woodland neighborhood held a rally Thursday night to protest police handling of the slaying. They said that on one occasion when the gunman returned to the neighborhood a D.C. police officer was present and taking information about the case. One resident contended that when the gunman's car was pointed out to the policeman, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't have enough evidence to do anything."

Yesterday, some residents said they were concerned that the four persons who were arrested were released on bond.

"The whole thing took place in the front yard of my house," said Dorothy Cooper. "I'm scared because they're still out but I feel better that they have been arrested."

Another resident, Calvin Woodland, who helped organize the Thursday night rally said, "I feel real bad that they're out on bond. I feel like I'm in danger."

"This neighborhood is being terrorized," Woodland said. "What are we supposed to do, wait for the next person to be shot?"

The events leading to the shooting began a week ago Friday, when a youth in the neighborhood, Mandel Cooper, 18, and another man became involved in fist fight with several other youths as a result of a dispute about a dice game. There was $1 in the pot at the time.

The following night, Cooper and Darrell Woodson were standing in Cooper's front yard, waiting to go to a concert at the Capital Center, when a man and several companions approached them in a car.

Cooper went indoors after recognizing the car, leaving Woodson alone in the front yard. Two of the three shots fired from the car struck Woodson in the chest. Woodson, a graduate of the Washington Street Academy, died several hours later at the Greater Southeast Community Hospital.