William and Jane Fedor and their family found a small surprise on the front doorstep of their Fairfax City home Saturday night -- a 3-day-old baby boy.

Wrapped in a woman's summer blouse and a white sheet, the baby had been carefully placed in the middle of the Fedor's front door mat at their home in the affluent Great oaks subdivision. Someone rang the doorbell and fled.

The Fedors, four of their six children and four grandchildren were in the midst of a birthday party for one of their daughters when they heard the bell.

"My son Michael went to answer the door," Fedor recalled yesterday. "A few seconds passed and we asked, 'Mike, who is it?' And he answered 'It's a baby.'"

Fedor said one of his daughters called the police while his Michael picked the infant up and carried him inside.

"He was a lovely little child with a beautiful face and very alert," said Fedor. "I've had six kids and most of them looked like monkeys when they were first born, but this baby was something else."

Fairfax City police and a rescue squad responded to the call. Det. Ronald Phillips said the baby still had its foot-long umbilical cord wrapped and covered with a small cord bandage.

The baby also suffered from a slight puncture wound in his abdomen, according to Phillips, who said doctors told him the wound might have been acquired at birth.

"He was cleaned off but it was obvious from his condition that he was not born in a hospital," said Phillips, who is investigating the case.

The baby was taken to Fairfax Hospital where, according to hospital spokesperson Kathy Zajdel, he was in good condition in the intensive care units for new borns.

Fedor said he and his family had no idea who left the baby on their doorstep. "We're a close family and we get together a lot," he said. "We don't know whether the baby was left here at random or whether it was left by someone who knows us and knows what we're like.

Fedor, a retired Army colonel who works for the Department of Defense, said his family discussed keeping the baby if its parents were not found. But he said "I'm 56 . . . I said to the kids, six is enough." CAPTION: Picture, Abandoned infant, found on a Fairfax doorstep Saturday, is now in an Isolette at Fairfax Hospital. By Lucian Perkins -- The Washington Post