A robbery suspect who was fatally shot by a D.C. police lieutenant near Logan Circle early yesterday has been identified as Jefferson J. Boykins, 19, of 1651 Ft. Davis St. SE.

Boykins was shot about 1:30 a.m. by Lt. Brooks Kelly, 35, an eight-year veteran of the force, after Boykins drew a pistol on officers pursuing him in a parking lot in the 1300 block of 14th Street NW, police officials said.

Kelly was placed on routine administrative leave pending an investigation of the shooting by police officials and a grand jury.

According to the police account, the chase on foot began after Kelly and Lt. Walter Albright, 34, were flagged down in their police cruiser at Logan Circle by two men who said they had just been robbed.

The two men got into the police car and were riding in the area, explaing what happened. Suddenly, one of the victims shouted,"There they are ," and pointed out two men standing at 14th street and Rhode Island avenue at Logan Circle, Police said.

The two suspects ran toward the parking lot in the 1300 block of 14th street where one of them disappeared," police said. The lieutenants, both in uniform, chased the man later identified as Boykins.

Boykins ran into the lot, back out onto 14th street and into the lot again before the shooting, police said.

As Albright was about to catch up to him, police said, Kelly was approaching Boykins from the side when Kelly said Boykins reached for his handgun, described as a .22-caliber Saturday night special. Kelly told detectives he fired once, striking Boykins in the chest. Boykins' gun fell to the ground and was recovered by police, officials said. Detectives said they also confiscated $140 from Boykins' pockets.

The two men who said they had been robbed told police they had $170 between them before eating dinner earlier in the evening. The men identified as Harold Herbig, 23, and Vincent Tangella, 30, both of New York City, were on their way to the International Inn at Thomas Circle when the incident occurred, police said.

Police said they were looking for the second suspect in the robbery case, but declined to say whether they knew his identity.

Officials also said they have one eyewitness to the shooting in the parking lot and said they are seeking other persons who may have seen what happened.