Ten persons pleaded guilty yesterday in Alexandria General District Court to charges of illegal gambling involving small-stakes poker games.

Judge Robert Colby Suspended sentencing of the eight men and two women for three months and said he would drop their cases if no additional problems arise.

Eleven persons were arrested on illegal gambling charges June 23, before the start of bingo games sponsored by the Montessori School of Alexandria Inc. The illegal poker games were being played at two tables set up inside a bingo hall at 350 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, police said.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Drew Carroll told Colby yesterday that the largest amount of money found in front of any player was $15 and the smallest was $1.75. The dealer had $30 in front of her, Carroll said.

Bingo games at the auditorium were connected last year to charges of bribery and illegal gambling involving former Commonwealth's Attorney William L. Colby, who was acquitted of charges that he took $32,000 in bribes from the game's operator.

The eleventh person arrested in June is scheduled to appear in court today. The maximum penalty for this kind of illegal gambling is $5000, Carrol said.