District of Columbia teams finished first in both boys and girls bowling competition at the U.S. Youth Games last week at the University of Richmond.

The D.C. girls' basketball and track and field teams were also high scorers, placing second to Boston in basketball and second to New York in track and field.

The 76-member District contingent competed against youths ages 9 to 15 in bowling, track and field, basketball, tennis and swimming at the four-day meet.

Team member Vanessa Berge scored the highest total pin fall of all participants in the bowling competition with a total of 2,203 points. Mark Fossett, in competition for boys 11 and under with 2,009 points, and Sharon Brothers, in competition for girls 11 and under, 1,920, helped to retain the team's 1978 first-place title by placing first in their categories.

Detroit placed second in both the boys' and girls' bowling competition.

In girls' basketball, the District team beat East Orange, N.J., 58 to 52, but was defeated by Boston, 51 to 63. The boys' team placed third behind Worchester and Richmond.

New York best Washington in the overall girls' track and field competition, 166 to 97 1/2 D.C. boys placed fourth with 71 points behind Brimingham's 125, Richmond's 113, and New York's 89 1/3.

Jeanette Kelly broke the Youth Game record she set last year with a 2: 13.7 time, compared with her previous time of 2:13.85 in the girls' 880-yard run.

The District boys' team placed fourth in tennis, with Ben Brunkow placing second in the age 12 and 13 category. Steve Mitchell finished fourth in the 14- and 15-year-olds' category.

The boys' and girls' swimming teams did not place in the swimming competition.

Jim Hinkle, District Youth Games coordinator, said that swimming was the team's weakest area, but that supporters "will be working hard to develop more competitive forms of swimming."

"You can't measure the success of the games by being first, second and third," Hinkle said, adding that for many of last week's participants, being far from home without parents was a learning experience.

"The campus atmosphere might entice kids into pursuing other interests," he said.

Following are the sores of the bowling team, track and field events, tennis and basketball teams: