Motorist should be able to find gasoline here this weekend without difficulty, according to a survey of service stations made by the American Automobile Association.

Eighty percent of the area's stations are expected to be open today, with about half of them remaining open until 6 p.m. or later.

About one-third of the area's stations are expected to be open Sunday, according to AAA spokesman Glenn Lashley. Only about 19 percent had said they would be open last week, according to Lashley.

He warned however that the gasoline crisis is not over and said the balance between supply and demand continues to be sensitive.

Away from the metropolitan area the gasoline situation on main interstate routes in Maryland was described by a state police spokesman as "not too bad." He said that the picture appeared to be "getting better" and that gasoline was available off the main interstate interchanges.

In Virginia, state police said about 80 percent of service stations near main roads were expected to be open today, and about 25 percent of the stations on Sunday.

"We haven't had any reports of people not being able to get gasoline," a state police dispatcher said. "It's available."